03/04/19-Cycle of lessons “From use to grammar”

Biblioteca di Studi Letterari e Linguistici, Edificio D3, 3°piano

Cecilia Andorno, University of Torino
Anaphora and deixis in multimodal school discourse

Despite their common indexical nature, and the use of the same linguistic material (demonstratives, pronouns, adverbs), anaphora and deixis lean on quite different semiotic procedures and constitute therefore a favourable perspective in order to show fundamental differences in the way oral and written modality of languages behave (“semantic correlates” of oral and written modality, Voghera 2017). To illustrate this point, we will analyse anaphoric and deictic expressions in school discourse, comparing their use in two texts concerning the same communicative content (the page of a textbook; the oral explanation given by the teacher).