05/03/20-Seminar "I Lincei per la scuola" The functional and sociolinguistic correlates of the mode of communication

The structure and type of texts are strongly conditioned by the modality of communication, which includes the use of different channels and a different use of the verbal code connected to the conditions of production and reception. Each modality of communication correlates with completely or partially different texts for three reasons. First of all, there are linguistic and textual properties that better respond to the needs of the different production and reception processes of the various modalities; secondly, in the course of history different modalities have been associated to the different functions; thirdly, different styles and genres have been developed related to the various modalities.

In the lecture, the functional correlates of speaking and writing will be compared using the Modokit tool: an observation tool that allows the construction of an identikit of the texts deriving from the modality.