19/02/20-Teaching to represent speech: metacommunicative reflection paths at school

The lecture will present some didactic courses carried out within the educational experimentation project “Observe interlanguage” with the aim of making pupils of various ages aware of the peculiarities of the spoken and written language, showing the features and strengths of each, overcoming thus the traditional view that speech must be censored to promote good written production. In the experimentation, inductive activities are proposed of discovery and reflection on the similarities and differences between written and spoken productions and on the dialogues reported in literary texts and in those produced by the same students. In this way a reflection is stimulated on how the representation of orality in the written text is a very effective communicative tool.

In the lecture, the teachers will be invited to experience the activities proposed in the class starting from a short video clip taken from the film “The chocolate factory”, to discuss them and to deepen the principles and teaching methods of this approach.