20/04/20-Theatre and politics in the Napoleonic era

Katherine Astbury-Warwick University
Clare Siviter-University of Bristol
Paola Perazzolo-Università di Verona

Katherine Astbury is full professor of French Studies at the University of Warwick, School of Modern Languages. Her main research fields are literature and drama during the French Revolution and the French Empire.

Clare Siviter is lecturer in French Theatre and Performance at the University of Bristol. Clare is a French theatre historian of the longer Revolutionary period (1789-1815). Her principal research interests include censorship, propaganda, celebrity, and genre.

Paola Perazzolo is lecturer in French Literature at the University of Verona. Her main research fields are the novel and the drama of the long French Revolution. She has produced several critical editions of revolutionary plays.

Vincenzo De Santis
Agnese Silvestri