23-25/10/19-1820. Global Revolution.

1820-21 Global revolution
Seminary on the ongoing research
Salerno-Napoli, 23- 25 ottobre 2019

The proximity of the Bicentennial of the liberal revolutions of Cadiz and Naples (1820) and of the connected extension of the crisis to the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, gives the opportunity for an initial assessment of ongoing research and historiographical perspectives related to this topic. It was a global crisis, which played a major role in the origins of the contemporary world. The new questions formulated by the political, institutional and cultural historiography open a profitable space for research innovation, which is the main objective of this open seminar.

Aula Imbucci, University of Salerno
14:00-18:00 First session

Aula Imbucci, University of Salerno
09:00-18:00 Second session

University of Naples Federico II
09:00-13:00 Conclusions