7/11/19-Religious in the King's militias. Politics, religion and war in modern Europe

Ore 10.00
Aula Imbucci

This seminar is focused on the presentation of the book “Religiosi nelle milizie del re”, edited by Elisa Novi Chavarria, monographic issue of “Dimensioni e problemi della ricerca storica” (n. 1-2018). It proposes a historical and historiographical analysis of the relationship between religion and militia in the Modern Age, between the Reason of State and the Reason of the Church, between the objectives of public order of the civil authorities and the need for discipline of ecclesiastical institutions. The political choices are substantiated by ideologies that evoke the “just war” and legitimize the use of arms for the preservation of public order and the defense of the faith. Those ideologies justify violence in the perspective of Christian morality. The book essays analyze the role of religious men as theologians, but also as “soldiers of Christ”, directly involved in the war enterprises conducted for the embargo of heresy or the fight against infidels. The convergence on common objectives reveals the leading role of religious Orders, of individual Churchmen, of important Italian and foreign lineages in the elaboration of political, diplomatic and military strategies of Europe in the Early Modern Age, strongly dominated by the universalism of the Spanish Monarchy.

Maria Anna Noto
Università di Salerno

Aurelio Musi
Università di Salerno

Cinzia Cremonini
Università Cattolica di Milano

Elena Riva
Università Cattolica di Milano

Giuseppe Cirillo
Università della Campania “L. Vanvitelli”

Elisa Novi Chavarria
Università del Molise