Goethe on returns of cultural property

11.30, Biblioteca di studi letterari e linguistici

The report of the journey by J. W. von Goethe in 1815 in the territories of the Rhine and the Main and the Über Kunst und Altertum …..
Gabriella Catalano (Università degli Studi di Roma-Tor Vergata)
Napoleonic confiscations and subsequent returns mark a turning point in the way art is evaluated, promoted and exhibited.
Goethe follows this process with interest, reflecting on the concept of heritage and questioning ways and means of managing and preserving works of art.
He starts his reflections with his report on a journey to the Rhine and Main in 1815, which will open the later magazine Über Kunst und Altertum.
The unilateral ideal of the classical is abandoned in favor of a historical vision that is being associated, in Goethian thought and work, with the new discipline of morphology.