Álvaro Ferré Galvañ

Curriculum vitæ
In 2022 he received his Master’s Degree in Teaching Spanish as a foreign language presented at the Distance University of Madrid, presenting a thesis in the field of teaching as a foreign language entitled “Proposal for learning the phonetics of the Spanish Language as a Foreign Language through Information and Communication Technologies”. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alvaroferre/

María Teresa Martín Sánchez
María Teresa Caro Valverde
(Universidad de Murcia)

Research project

Title: “Argumentation through the image to develop critical thinking in Spanish as a foreign language”

The project intends to study the possibility of developing critical thinking through the reading of images and their subsequent argumentation in a foreign language. On the one hand the element present in many areas of society, on the other hand critical thinking can be considered an indispensable and fundamental component in order to be able to live in modern society and contribute to it. The image is presented as the dominant element of society because without the need for a particular text, a message or a concrete idea can arrive. For this reason it is important that the recipient has the necessary skills to interpret its content, decoding the main idea, as well as having the appropriate mechanisms with which to be able to argue correctly and logically what the image intends to convey. Possessing good argumentative skills is part of the skills necessary for adequate personal development, based on the need for real use in daily life in the face of argumentation on a specific topic. Furthermore, the difficulty of carrying out the process in a foreign language is added.