Camilla Zucchi

Curriculum vitae

She graduated the first time in 2015 in Ancient Literatures Bachelor at University of Pisa with a thesis entitled “God and myths from the ancient Egypt in Diodorus and Plutarch”. Then, in March 2018 at University of Bologna, she discussed the Master thesis in Classical Philology entitled “A historical problem: can we date The Oedipus Rex of Sophocles?”. The second degree is in Digital Humanities at University of Pisa in April 2021: the thesis deals with the female toponymy in Italy and entitles “The female toponymy in Italy between the heritage from the past and the challenges from the present”. The three thesis got 110/110 and praise. She published the article “Mappe di memoria: gli anni di piombo” on the peer-reviewed journal Umanistica Digitale. Since November 2021, she is been a member of the editorial board of the journal Documenti e studi.

Research project

Marcello Ravveduto
Silvia Sonetti

Title: Digital atlas of the national victims

This research project starts from the analysis of the social and historical category of the victims and it aims at realizing a site which will be able to give an overview on the public memory of the national victims. Once some necessary criteria will be found to identify the national victims from the birth of Italy in 1861, the next step is to explore the public fields which help to spread the ufficial memory conveyed by the State. Those are urban toponymy, places of memory, museums, monuments and everything which is a repository of the public memory. Then, these fields will speak to each other on digital maps in order to show the presence of dedications to national victims. On the site new initiatives will be reported and a section for the interaction with users will be added.