Flora De Giovanni

Flora De Giovanni is full professor of English Literature at the University of Salerno (Department of Humanities). She has published widely on translation, fictional characterization, the relationship between literature and painting in Modernism (especially in the works of Virginia Woolf and Wyndham Lewis) and, more recently, on the literature of the Great War, Wilkie Collins and the sensation novel, popular entertainment and disability studies. Her current research focuses on the Bloomsbury Group. Her books include La pagina e la tela. Intersezioni in Virginia Woolf (2007), Tradurre in Pratica (co-edited with Bruna Di Sabato, 2010) and “L’eccezionalità del presente”. Scrivere la grande guerra (co-edited with Lucia Perrone Capano, 2016). She has translated Woolf’s writings on visual arts (Immagini/Pictures, 2002) and Stevenson’s early essays (In difesa dell’illuminazione a gas e altri saggi, 2013).  She is a member of the editorial board of the journal Testi e Linguaggi.