Marco Meriggi

Marco Meriggi studied the history of the relationship between public power and society in Europe between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.
In a first phase of his activity he carried out research on the political institutions of the Lombard-Veneto Kingdom (1814-1860), and carried out investigations in this regard not only in the archives of Lombardy and Veneto, but also in those of Vienna. He then studied the theme of the Italian bourgeoisie in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular attention to the Milanese case and to the models of social relations.
Subsequently he extended his field of reflection to the entire pre-unification Italy and then to Europe, studying the world of the Italian states of the ancient regime and the transition from liberalism to democracy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
He currently deals with transnational history, World History and the history of the South between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.