Marina Caffiero

Marina Caffiero is full professor of Modern History, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Department of History Culture Religions. Her research has been carried out mainly in the field of studies of religious and cultural history, in relation to the relationship between politics and religion during the processes of secularization taking place in Italy and Europe between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries and with specific attention to the history of relations with religious minorities and gender issues (Religion and modernity in Italy (XVII-XIX centuries), Pisa-Roma, IEPI, 2000). He has published monographs, miscellaneous volumes, essays, and articles in Italian and foreign journals and in several languages. The volume Forced Baptisms. Storie di ebrei, cristiani e convertiti nella Roma dei papi (Stories of Jews, Christians and converts in the Rome of the Popes), Rome, Viella, 2004 has been translated and published in the USA (California University Press, 2011) and is currently being translated in France (Paris, Honoré Champion). In 2008 he edited the volume Stealing Souls. Diario di Anna del Monte ebrea romana, Roma, Viella, and in 2009 Le radici storiche dell’antisemitismo. New sources and research, Rome, Viella; with Micaela Procaccia published Vero e falso. L’uso politico della storia, Roma, Donzelli, 2008. He edited the monographic issue on Jews. Scambi e conflitti tra XV e XX secolo, of the journal “Roma moderna e contemporanea”, XIX/2011, 1 (but 2012) and with Anna Esposito the volume “Judei de urbe. Roma e i suoi ebrei: una storia secolare, Rome, Edizioni della Direzione Generale degli Archivi, 2011 (but 2013). On the relations between the Jewish world and the Christian world he published the monographs Legami pericolosi. Ebrei e cristiani tra eresia, libri proibiti e stregoneria (Jews and Christians between heresy, forbidden books and witchcraft), Turin, Einaudi, 2012 and most recently Storia degli ebrei nell’Italia moderna. Dal Rinascimento alla Restaurazione, Rome, Carocci, 2014, second reprint 2015. Together with Manola Ida Venzo, she founded and directs the series La memoria restituita. Fonti per la storia delle donne, published by Viella and now in its ninth volume, which publishes unpublished female writings produced by non-literate women from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century. She is the president of the “Associazione per la storia degli ebrei nel Lazio e negli ex territori Pontifici” (ASEL) which organized a conference, with the printing of the proceedings, on Gli ebrei nello Stato della Chiesa. Insediamenti e mobilità (secoli XIV-XVIII), edited by Marina Caffiero and Anna Esposito, Esedra Editrice, Padova 2012. Since 2012 he directs the PhD of “History anthropology and religions” of the Department.