Mina Giannoula

Mina Giannoula has recently got her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She also holds an MA from the University of Chicago, as well as an MA in Theoretical Linguistics and a BA in Greek Philology majoring in Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Mina specializes in morphology, semantics, morphology-semantics interface, and computational linguistics, using Modern Greek as her research language, as well as considering cross-linguistic evidence in her work. Her dissertation, Evaluative and Polarity Morphology in Modern Greek, discusses the evaluative properties of adverbial preverbs presenting a new approach of the preverbal morphology and shows that polarity can exist even at a sub-lexical level. She has also received the Epathlon Research Fellowship from the University of Chicago to work at the University of Cyprus, where she is currently creating a corpus of preverbs in Modern Greek. Mina has published her work in the volume Formal Approaches to Number in Slavic and beyond (eds. Mojmír Dočekal and Marcin Wągiel), and Ahwaz Journal of Linguistics Studies, as well as in conference proceedings (Proceedings of Texas Linguistics Society 2021, Proceedings of 14th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, among others). She has also given presentations at international conferences (4th International Conference of Epistemology, 45th Penn Linguistics Conference, 12th Conference on Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis, among others) or after invitation (University of Cyprus, Midwest Greek Linguistics Workshop).