Stefano D’Atri

Stefano D’Atri is a Researcher in Early Modern History at the Department of Humanities (Dipsum), University of Salerno. He teachs Early Modern History at Degree Course of Languages and Foreign Culture, Economic and Agriculture History of South Italy at Degree Course of Management and Enhancement of Agricultural Resources and Protected Areas.In 1989 he graduated cum laude in History at University of Pisa, in 1997 he achieved the Ph.D in the Economic History at the “Istituto Navale Universitario” (Naples). Starting in September 1998 he obtained a post-doctoral grant at the Department of History Science at University of Salerno. A scholar of the economic and social history of the South Italy, of the Mediterranean food supply systems and the history of food, he participated in International Conventions and published in national and international journals.In 2013 he founded with Renzo Paolo Corritore the Interuniversity Center for Studies and Research on the History of Pasta in Italy (Centro interuniversitario di studi e ricerche sulla storia delle paste alimentari in Italia – Cispai), of which he is President since 2020.He is a member of Editorial Board of the periodical «Proposte e Ricerche Economia e società nella storia dell’Italia centrale».


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