The Cognition of Language and Linguistics in Communicating about COVID-19

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The Cognition of Language and Linguistics in Communicating about COVID-19

Examining the Psychological Process Affecting How We Communicate about Disease in Global Contexts

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Keynote speaker
Kirk St. Amant, docente di Technical Communication presso la Louisiana Tech University (USA) e la University of Limerick

Giuliana Garzone, IULM, Milano
Walter Giordano, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Communication is based upon different psychological (cognitive) processes that affect how humans share ideas and interpret presentations. Cognitive factors, however, can affect how we perceive and understand messages based on our experiences over time. These factors can lead to misunderstanding in many situations, and they can cause miscommunication when individuals share information across languages and cultures. These cognitive-based problems can increase during a global pandemic when effective international and cross-cultural communication are essential to public safety and public health. In this talk, the speaker will discuss certain cognitive factors affecting human communication. The speaker will also examine how life experiences shape these cognitive processes and create the communication expectations that influence how humans create, perceive, and respond to messages. During the talk, the speaker will examine how these cognitive factors have affected communication about public health during COVID-19. The speaker will also present examples of how an understanding of cognitive-communication factors can help create new
approaches to effective public health practices and establish effective methods of health and medical communication across languages and cultures.

Mikaela Cordisco

Course Info

Course Start Date 04/03/2021
Course End Date 04/03/2021


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