08/05/2023, 15:30-The Pascoli archives of Castelvecchio

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08/05/2023, 15:30-The Pascoli archives of Castelvecchio

Laboratory activity

In person lesson
Conference Room, III floor, Building  D3.

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The lesson intends to present the Pascoli archive preserved in the house of Giovanni Pascoli in Castelvecchio, a deposit of extraordinary wealth which, together with the library housed in the same house, offers scholars infinite opportunities and research stimuli. The digitization of the entire archive, as well as its catalog and that of the library, completed in 2014 has enormously expanded the accessibility and possibilities of using this heritage: it is therefore important to illustrate the principles on which the project was based and the innovations it brings compared to traditional archives.

Francesca Nassi
Free University of Brussels

Laura Paolino
University of Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 08/05/2023
Course End Date 08/05/2023

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