10.11.2022, 5:30pm-On preverbation

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10.11.2022, 5:30pm-On preverbation

Seminar series “Theoretical and applied linguistics”


Here, we will focus on the phenomenon of preverbation, in other words, the development of morphological verbal systems and the nature of preverbs that are elements surfacing as left adjacent to the verb stem to form together a semantic unit. More specifically, we will distinguish two types of preverbs, namely prefixes and adverbial preverbs, presenting their distinct properties (such as compositional meaning, conjoinability, nominalization, vowel deletion, and stress shift) and using data from Modern Greek. We will also discuss the ordering of preverbs, i.e. the order in which preverbs attach to verbal stems, and the phenomenon of multiple preverbation. In addition, I will present a syntactic analysis for the base position of preverbs, and propose that the formation of preverbed verbal complexes is subject to three mechanisms, namely Generalized Head Movement, Merger, and Doubling. The analysis is based on the properties of each type of preverbs and the verbal complex they form, as well as on the presence of other elements in the syntactic derivation, such as the past augment e-.

Mina Giannoula
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Claudio Iacobini
University of  Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 10/11/2022
Course End Date 10/11/2022


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