11.11.2022, 10:30am-Evaluative Morphology in Modern Greek

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11.11.2022, 10:30am-Evaluative Morphology in Modern Greek

“Synchronic and diachronic linguistics” seminar series

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The term evaluation is used to express the speaker and writer’s stance for a person, a situation, or another entity. It is considered not to be objective but rather subjective and is placed within a societal value-system (Hunston 1994). Here, we will explore how evaluation works within morphology. More specifically, we will discuss different components of evaluative morphology, focusing mostly on intensification and deintensification. We will see in detail a large class of evaluative morphemes in Modern Greek to understand more broadly how evaluation is expressed in the system of grammar. I will present a formal analysis of the evaluative categories which Modern Greek adverbial preverbs belong to and show that evaluation is also evident in the speaker’s perspective via an expressive meaning. Given this, adverbial preverbs as degree modifiers have evaluative properties which are interpreted in the speaker’s perspective via an expressive meaning conveying the speaker’s positive or negative preference. Finally, we will discuss the derivational processes of augmentation and diminution in Modern Greek as also parts of evaluative morphology.

Mina Giannoula
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Claudio Iacobini
University of Salerno

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Course Start Date 11/11/2022
Course End Date 11/11/2022


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