15.05.2023, 15:00-The Neapolitans from “eaf-eater” to “macaroni- eater”

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15.05.2023, 15:00-The Neapolitans from “eaf-eater” to “macaroni- eater”

In person lecture:
Paparelli-Placanica classroom, building C, third floor

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One of the most curious and interesting essays by Emilio Sereni, published in 1958 in three issues of the magazine “Cronache Meridionali”. It is a real journey through the history of food in the South Italy, and in particular in Naples, which has become the capital of pasta over the centuries. Until the 19th century, Napoli city was the center of a “gastronomic revolution”, caused by difficult and oppressive conditions. A change that will be fundamental in the creation of the Neapolitans identity.


  • Gabriella Bonini,
    Cervi Institute, Head of Library Archives “E.
  • Rossano Pazzagli,
    University of Molise, Director of the School of
    Landscape “Emilio Sereni”;
  • Alfonso Santoriello,
    University of Salerno, CTS-MiC via Appia
    Regina viarum -UNESCO


Stefano d’Atri
University of Salerno

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Course Start Date 15/05/2023
Course End Date 15/05/2023


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