Testimonial literature between Latin America and Italy / 1

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Testimonial literature between Latin America and Italy / 1

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Recognized and canonized in America thanks to the Literature Testimonial Award of Casa de las Américas (Havana) since 1970, it has given voice and visibility to weak, defeated subjects excluded from Official History: ethnic groups in danger of extinction, victims of violence of State of the dictatorships of the Cono Sur and of the strong powers of the multinationals, families of disappeared, women and indigenous people … Even without recognition as an autonomous “genre”, on the porous borders of literature, journalism, ethnographic and sociological essays, self-referential writing, it is possible to trace a cartography of Italian testimonial literature, on the two sides of journalistic investigation (Leonardo Sciascia) and of self-referential writing.

Speaker and Coordinator

Rosa Maria Grillo
Università degli Studi di Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 19/10/2021
Course End Date 19/10/2021


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