2.12.2022, 10:30-Studies of dialogic interpretation

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2.12.2022, 10:30-Studies of dialogic interpretation

Cycle of seminars “Theoretical and applied linguistics”

Conference room, third floor, building D3


Dialogic interpretation is a relatively recent field of research but has undergone a rapid and intense development. In order to present the traits that distinguish it, we will focus in particular on the genesis of this field of research in Interpretation and on the theoretical and methodological approaches that characterize it (Analysis of conversation and Analyze du discours en interaction). Finally, we will move on to an example of interpreter-mediated interaction analysis.

Caterina Falbo
University of Trieste

Rosario Pellegrino
University of Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 02/12/2022
Course End Date 02/12/2022


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