The last work of Leopardi: I Pensieri

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The last work of Leopardi: I Pensieri

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I Pensieri
, the last work of Leopardi, appeared posthumously in 1845, but had been selected and arranged by himself; he refers to them in a letter, shortly before his death, as an ‘unpublished volume of Thoughts on the characters of men and their conduct in Society’. Many of these fragments he had extracted from the vast laboratory of the Zibaldone, others were completely new. Compared to the first Zibaldonian drafts, intimate and immediate, these Thoughts underwent a work of subtle stylistic refinement, which gives them a cruel clarity, like epigraphs engraved under the moving theatre of life.

Emilio Russo
Università di Roma “La Sapienza”

Rosa Giulio
Università degli Studi di Salerno

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Course Start Date 22/11/2021
Course End Date 22/11/2021


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