How to define manner through Italian spontaneous dialogues

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How to define manner through Italian spontaneous dialogues

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The manner has traditionally been regarded as a semantic primitive that expresses the way in which an action is performed; it has been described as a category that performs a fundamentally descriptive function, encoded through an inventory of lexical or morpho-syntactic elements (such as verbal stems or adverbial phrases). I propose a functional and corpus-driven definition of this notion, applied to spontaneous Italian dialogues taken from the VOLIP corpus. The analysis of Manner constructions in speech data clearly shows that, far from being a static descriptive notion, Manner can be considered as an interactive and gradable category, co-constructed by speakers.

Luisa Corona

Miriam Voghera
Claudio Iacobini

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Course Start Date 24/11/2021
Course End Date 24/10/2021


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