Storie in corso XV-3

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Storie in corso XV-3

Piattaforma Zoom
ID riunione: 940 4789 7072
Passcode: 8z0ds

SISSCO, in collaboration with the PhD program in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies of the University of Salerno – Department of Humanities, presents the 15th edition of “Storie in Corso”, a national PhD students’ workshop, which will be held online, on Zoom platform, on the 11th, 18th and 25th of January 2021.
The workshop will offer an overview of ongoing historical research, to promote and facilitate the circulation of scientific results and dialogue between different generations of scholars. The event is open to all PhD students in Contemporary History and to those who are conducting research on a historical theme relating to the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.

Mariangela Palmieri
Mariamichela Landi
Silvia Sonetti


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