25.10.2022, 10:30-Venezuela. Biography of a suicide

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25.10.2022, 10:30-Venezuela. Biography of a suicide

Cycle of seminars “Modern and Contemporary History” / Lecture module “Cultural studies”

”War, democracy, autocracy. Seminars on the 21st century ”

Room 9, building D3, floor 1

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The advent of the Bolivarian Revolution has pushed Venezuela into chaos and misery. The massive migration phenomenon represents one of the most painful consequences. Millions are Venezuelans who have abandoned their place of origin. Among them writers, intellectuals, journalists. The literature of migration or the Venezuelan diaspora begins to consolidate as a phenomenon that multiplies the voices and spaces of enunciation. The result is a choral and at the same time fragmentary story, but also a distant focus, not always nostalgic, of a country gripped by violence and the significant loss of democratic spaces. The writer Juan Carlos Chirinos, currently living in Spain, presents “su mirada desde la distancia”.

The seminar will be held in Spanish.


  • Teresa Addario
    University of Salerno
  • Juan Carlos Chirinos
    University of Salamanca

Teresa Addario
University of Salerno

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Course Start Date 25/10/2022
Course End Date 25/10/2022


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