6.12.2022, 16:30-Corpora in German linguistics

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6.12.2022, 16:30-Corpora in German linguistics

Cycle of seminars “Theoretical and applied linguistics” / “Text Analysis” seminar series

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Whilst it is now undeniable that new research possibilities have opened up in German linguistics thanks to the use of corpora, it can unfortunately still be said that they are still not fully exploited, if not misused or even omitted altogether. The reasons for this are mainly to be found in the absence of this subject in many university curricula in Italy.
The aim of this doctoral seminar is to bring doctoral students closer to this reality, first by introducing the notion of corpora on a theoretical level and making them aware of the various possible types of corpora, then by showing what types of methods and approaches can be used. A selection of resources and tools will then be presented, highlighting their main features. In the practical part, on the other hand, the focus will be on Sketch Engine, showing which corpora and which functionalities can be used according to the research objectives.

Carolina Flinz
University of Milan

Beatrice Wilke
University of Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 06/11/2022
Course End Date 06/11/2022


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