Victims of the nation in a overall picture

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Victims of the nation in a overall picture

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The seminar is a moment of approach to the conference that investigates the long-term development, from the French Revolution to the present day, of the “victims of the nation”. In every age, the memory of the martyrs has been transformed into the fulcrum of a historical identity that holds the individual and the community together: the memory of the sacrifice has in fact fostered, over the centuries, the feelings of identification and aggregation in a country, like Italy, strongly marked by a long and uneven historical-political experience. During the seminar, three orientation reports will be presented aimed at analyzing the victim’s image, her role within the national rhetoric, her political and civil use, her material impact on the community. The choice to study the phenomenon by framing it as a whole and deepening it in its characteristics, between persistence and differences, in a time span that goes from the sunset of the modern age to the closest actuality will also allow to underline the evolution of the victim paradigm in history of the last two centuries.

Responsabili e relatori

Carmine Pinto
Università di Salerno

Marcello Ravveduto
Università di Salerno

Giacomo Girardi
Università della Svizzera Italiana

Guido Panvini
Università di Bologna

Course Info

Course Start Date 07/05/2021
Course End Date 07/05/2021


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