21.03.2022,16:30, Women, powers and the Inquisition

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21.03.2022,16:30, Women, powers and the Inquisition

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The meeting focuses on the recent volumes by Marina Caffiero and Alessia Lirosi. The analysis of “feminine prophetism”, in a time span between the 15th and 19th centuries, represents the first point of discussion and includes the history of revelations, visions, spiritual and thaumaturgical gifts, aimed at the achievement of women’s autonomy. The second part of the seminar is instead focused on the relationship between Women and the Inquisition. The discussion intends to place itself in a gender perspective and capture the differences between the sexes in terms of repression, control and judicial process, as well as reflect on how the female quality influenced doctrines, institutions and behaviors.


  • Vittoria Fiorelli
    University of Suor Orsola Benincasa
  • Marina Caffiero
    University of Roma La Sapienza
  • Alessia Lirosi
    University of Niccolò Cusano
  • Alfonso Tortora
    University of Salerno


Alfonso Tortora
University of  Salerno

Course Info

Course Start Date 21/03/2022
Course End Date 21/03/2022


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