24.03.2022,16:30-L1 communication and Intercultural Communication: Are they Different?

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24.03.2022,16:30-L1 communication and Intercultural Communication: Are they Different?

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Room 7, Building D3, third floor

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The presentation discusses the differences between first language (intracultural communication) and intercultural communication from a socio-cognitive perspective that treats this relationship as a continuum rather than a dichotomy.  The hypothetical left end of the continuum is L1 communication, and the right end is intercultural communication. Neither exists in pure form.   The question is to which end a given communicative situation is closer and what characteristics it is dominated by. For instance, how different interaction is when Italians speak English with L1 English speakers or speakers of German-English, French-English or Chinese-English. Movement on the continuum, and differences between the two phenomena are affected by different factors that will be discussed and illustrated in the presentation.
While moving toward the right end (intercultural communication) interaction becomes less dependent on standards, norms, frames, core common ground and formulaic language of the target language (English) and is characterized more by emergent common ground, ad hoc generated rather than formulaic expressions, norm creating attempts and individual creativity in solving communication problems.

Istvan Kecskes
State University of New York, Albany


Siria Guzzo
University of  Salerno

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Course Start Date 24/03/2022
Course End Date 24/03/2022


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