Modern Insurgency: Banditry, Irregular Warfare and Guerrilla, 1750-1915

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Modern Insurgency: Banditry, Irregular Warfare and Guerrilla, 1750-1915

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Dall’età delle rivoluzioni atlantiche fino alla prima guerra mondiale, l’ascesa di imperi moderni e nuovi stati-nazione ha riconfigurato le
Since the Atlantic Revolutions and up to the First World War, the rise of new empires and nation-states sharpened dynamics of political violence on a global scale. In an age of fragile institutions, challenging or defending the order engaged not only official forces or regular armies, but also a varied range of irregular “men with guns” – such as bandoleros, brigands, Cossacks, counter-insurgents, haiduks, and partisans. Charismatic figures, organized in private companies and mobile corps, spear-headed political rebellions, ethnoreligious riots and anti-state activities, often adopting banditry, guerrilla and paramilitary methods and techniques. Experts in ambushes, incursions, sabotage, expropriations and killing of civilians and officials, they acted both in situations of declared war and in conditions of peace, especially in peripheral and rural areas with little state control, not excluding raids in urban centers as well. This conference, bringing together case-studies in Middle-East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, seeks to understand the ways in which non-state armed actors collaborated, resisted and shaped the advent of the modern empires and nation-states from the 1750s to 1915.

Presentation: Carmine Pinto (Università di Salerno)
Introduction: Alessandro Bonvini (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici)

1. Order and Repression in the Revolutionary Mediterranean

Emiliano Beri, Università di Genova: Guerrilla, territorial control and power in Corsica (1741-1755)
Paolo Calcagno, Università di Genova: Banditry in Liguria: continuity and transformation in law-enforcement and
crime (17th-18th centuries)
Carmen Caligiuri, Università di San Marino: Jacques-Marie Cavaignac in the damned Calabria. The enduring war
against banditry (1809-1810)
Antoine-Marie Graziani, Université de Corse Pascal-Paoli: La gestione straordinaria del banditismo in Corsica (1822-
Chair: Emiliano Beri

2. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the Atlantic
Angél R. Lombardi Boscán, Universidad del Zulia: Guerra irregular en la independencia de Venezuela, 1810-1823
Andrés M. Vicent Fanconi, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid: With trumpets and standards: the first Carlism
between the “guerra” and the “guerrilla” (1833-1840)
Alessandro Bonvini, Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici: Farrapos Insurgency: Guerrilla and Revolution in Southern-
Brazil, 1835-1845
Carmine Pinto, Università di Salerno: Guerrilla and Counter-Guerrilla in Southern Italy, 1860-1870
Fernando Padilla Angulo, University of Bristol: Bandits for Independence? Cuba, 1870s-1898
Chair: Spyros Tsoutsoumpis

3. Anti-Imperial and National Insurgencies on the Boarders
Dmitar Tasić, Univerzita Hradec Králové: Valuable Asset or Necessity? Theoretical and Practical Views on Guerrilla
Warfare in late 19th Century Serbia
Daniel Macías Fernández, Universidad de Cantabria: Bandits, mujahideen and Rif soldiers
Spyros Tsoutsoumpis, New Europe College, Institute for Advanced Study: Bandits and Patriots: Violence and nation
making in the Greco-Ottoman marches 1908-1914
Martin Valkov, Sofijski Universitet: “Fight Fire with Fire”: Guerrilla and Counter-Guerrilla War in Bulgarian-
Occupied Serbia during WWI
Chair: Alessandro Bonvini

Alessandro Bonvini (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Storici), Emiliano Beri (Università di Genova),
Carmine Pinto (Università di Salerno), Spyros Tsoutsoumpis (New Europe College, Institute for Advanced Study)

The conference is held in English, Italian, and Spanish


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Course Start Date 11/12/2020
Course End Date 11/12/2020


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