Patterns of Language in Discourse: Doing Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis

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Patterns of Language in Discourse: Doing Corpus-Based Discourse Analysis

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Antonio Fruttaldo
Università degli Studi L’Orientale

The seminar will offer a basic introduction to corpus linguistic methodologies to anyone interested in working with corpora. The seminar aims to give a hands-on introduction to corpus linguistics with specific attention to those who are new to corpus methods. Being practical in its nature, the seminar will in particular illustrate how to access and analyse online/offline corpora and discuss the main corpus linguistic output methods (concordances, frequency lists, and collocation displays) that can be used in analysing the data, giving participants also an opportunity to practise and learn how to collect and create corpora. Different concordance tools will be illustrated (i.e., AntConc, Lancsbox, CQPweb, WordSmith Tools, Sketch Engine). An overview of existing corpora will also be provided. Lastly, the seminar will discuss some examples of previous research that showcases how corpus-based discourse analysis can be used in analysing linguistic patterns in discourse. By the end of this seminar, participants will have learned about basic premises and tools in corpus linguistics, will have practised to generate and analyse frequency lists, concordances and collocates using different software and will have familiarised with some basic statistical measures in the interpretation of the data.

Siria Guzzo
Mikaela Cordisco


Course Info

Course Start Date 04/11/2020
Course End Date 04/11/2020


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