Bourbonism. Public discourse and historiographical problems. A comparison (1989-2019)

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About the «Meridiana» review, n. 95

This volume of Meridiana examines some key points of the unification process, cleaning up many myths and trying to set fixed points that can constitute a problematic synthesis to dialogue with the scientific world and with the public discourse. It is an attempt to re-establish the confrontation on the relationship between Southern Italy and Unification, avoiding falling into the fantasies of a certain revisionism, but also moving on to the ground of partisan political commitment.  In this direction, the interventions proposed by Meridiana analyze some points and some problems often used in the public discourse by the southern claim, but only to place them in their historical context, verifying their features without making them prisoners of the re-elaboration and of the political needs of the present.

Carmine Pinto
Silvia Sonetti