10.03.2022,10:30-Translations as a fuzzy set

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10.03.2022,10:30-Translations as a fuzzy set

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Biblioteca Dipsum, edificio D3, terzo piano

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In this lecture, I shall look at translated texts examining briefly the main problems that have been at the centre of studies on translation in the course of the centuries, and the contradictions underlying the solutions proposed for them. I shall also discuss the views that have emerged in contemporary research, whose object of investigation is a situation where covertly or overtly translated texts are virtually ubiquitous and come in all formats, through a wide range of media, from heritage media to emerging technologies (print, wireless, television, computer networks, mobile devices), often being multimodal, a characteristic which also contributes to generating various types of intersemiotic translation.
Against this background, I will put forth a proposal of conceptualization that I believe can be of help if not to solve, at least to overcome the contradictions that have afflicted translation theory over time.
This theoretical proposal will be illustrated by means of meaningful examples.


Giuliana Garzone
Università degli Studi IULM, Milano


Mikaela Cordisco
Università di Salerno

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Course Start Date 10/03/2022
Course End Date 10/03/2022


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