07/03/19-I lincei per la scuola/4 – From inferences to comprehension of texts

Aula P1- “Guido Sodano”, Facoltà di Scienze MM.FF.NN., Edificio F3, piano 1


Grazia Basile
Fabiana Rosi

The aim of this talk is to focus on some nodal aspects of the process of understanding a text.
As linguistic and psycholinguistic studies have shown, it is not a linear (or cumulative) process, given by the simple comprehension of a sequence of sentences. In order to have an effective understanding of a text, linguistic knowledge must be complemented by a series of basic knowledge or knowledge of the world that allows to attribute meaning to information.
In this regard, a crucial role is played by inferences, operations that can ensure local coherence in the development of the representation of the meaning of the text.
In the laboratory activity will be considered some types of text (narrative, regulatory, descriptive-expositive, etc.) to see how, depending on the textual types, the inferences are diversified and put the reader in front of different tasks.