10/10/19-Statistical Analysis for Applied Linguistics with “R”

The course is addressed to Ph.D. students, Ph.D. doctors and researchers in all fields of linguistics doing quantitative analysis. It is organised in four lessons aiming at introducing some fundamental statistical concepts and the most common analysis techniques used in linguistics. The main objective of the course is to provide researchers with analytical tools to work with R-Studio. Consequently, the lessons will be focused on the application of statistical techniques, with data taken from different subfields of linguistics. In particular, the course programme is organised as follows:
Theory: basic concepts and methods of statistical analysis: i.e. dependent and independent variables, continuous and discrete variables, standard deviation, inter vs intragroup variance, analysis of examples taken from quantitative analysis in applied linguistics.
Practice: introduction to R-Studio: how to import and export data, data visualisation (i.e. graphs), basic operations in R.