Debora Vena

In December 2006 I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Salerno, with a thesis in General Linguistics entitled “Per un catalogo di tipi testuali: il corpus di italiano contemporaneo Penelope “published on ( Prof. Miriam Voghera). I continued my specialized studies at the University of Verona and in July 2009 I obtained a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, with a thesis in General Linguistics entitled “Gli ausiliari essere e avere nel dialetto castelveterese” ( Prof. Giorgio Graffi). In 2010 I won a postgraduate scholarship for research activities in “Parlare italiano L1 e L2 a confronto” – FIRB project at the DIPSUM of the University of Salerno. In the following years I carried out several research activities on the subjects of corpora linguistics and linguistic education at the Laboratory for the analysis, research and observation of European languages (P.A.R.O.L.E.) at the DIPSUM of the University of Salerno. In December 2014 I participated in the conference, promoted by AIS (Italian Association of Sociology) and the LGBT Observatory of the University of Naples Federico II. I presented together with Professor Miriam Voghera, the research “Forma maschile, genere femminile: si presentano le donne”, later published in ” Genere e linguaggio. I segni dell’uguaglianza e della diversità”, edited by Corbisero F., Maturi P., Ruspini E., Franco Angeli, 2015. In 2016 I coordinated the project L.A.M.P. (Leggere per accedere a mondi possibili) at the Dipsum of the University of Salerno: a project of recovery and enhancement of cognitive resources, informative and linguistic of secondary school students – FSE 2007-2013. In 2019 I collaborated with Prof. Fabiana Rosi (Dipsum, UNISA) on the collection and transcription of written and oral data of Italiano L1 and L2 in the research “From acquisition paths to educational strategies”. In the same year I carried out teaching activities in English in FAD mode and at several training institutions: “Punto Net srl” and “Associazione Scuola Progetto Futuro e Volontariato”. In addition, I obtained the professional qualification, recognized by the Campania Region, as “Educator for Children (EPI)” with a thesis entitled “Observe in the educational context”. Between 2019 and 2020 I carried out training activities, co-design and development of teaching and training materials for the ALPHA-MENTE Project (FSE 2014-2020), literacy area, at the DIPSUM of the University of Salerno: a project for the enhancement of basic skills in the two-year period of high school. I continued my research to support this project, implementing the platform “LeCo” (Leggere e Comprendere) with compensatory tools for BES students, such as audio reading and the Gulpease readability index. I presented the results of my reaserch “Leggibilità e comprensione: un binomio necessario” in the conference “La comprensione e i testi: percorsi tra parole e numeri” on 13-14 December 2021.
Since 2021 I have been tutor for the Foundation “I Lincei per la scuola” for the Polo di Salerno, Italian area and lecturer for the competition class A022 (Italian, history, geography and civic education).
Today I am a Phd candidate for the curriculum “Studi Linguistici” at the University of Salerno.

Research project

Miriam Voghera

Title: Understanding and Listening in Language Education

The aim of the research project is to identify strategies, appropriate to all levels of school and in all subjects of teaching, to build an educational model on understanding. I would create innovative tools for the development of language skills.
The research project fits into the vast context of the studies conducted by several scholars on the concept of understanding through three specific paths: 1. the theoretical reflections; 2. the research on understanding processes; 3. the experiences in education. At the same time, it intends to fill any gaps by promoting, through a careful analysis of the scientific literature in this regard, a critical and specific study on the understanding of the spoken text. In addition, the project is aimed at teachers, students, educators, practitioners who want to explore understanding. I would investigate the possible variables that may favor or affect the processes of written and oral understanding in learners of all ages. The final aim is to build an educational model that can monitor, evaluate and define the development of written and oral comprehension skills: two essentially different, but closely related cognitive processes that interact continuously in the life of the speaker. To develop an innovative theory is not so easy. Moreover, I hope it should be useful for schools and able to offer authentic solutions to analyze particular educational situations, to compare experiences and to understand the intrinsic difficulties, related to understanding and listening. That understanding and listening which are based on previous knowledge, cultural backgrounds and make use of a set of intellectual and emotional abilities in which verbal language is only one of the possible obstacles to access knowledge. With this research project I want to realize a web-based application “Ascoltare e Comprendere” for the development of the understanding of spoken, multimedia and multimodal texts, designed for teachers and students, able to offer an innovative teaching of written and oral comprehension more effective and efficient.