05/05/20-Banditry and Guerrilla in the Contemporary World

Sala Paparelli-Placanica

Brigandage, as a mixed form of banditry and rural guerrilla, is a paradigmatic category for studying violence in the contemporary age. Bandits and guerrillas have characterized practices and strategies of conflict on a global scale. Charismatic figures, organized in private companies or mobile irregular units, they have led actions of armed insurgency, social reaction, and ethnic-religious revolt, operating through assaults, ambushes and sabotage both in situations of declared war and in conditions of peace, especially in peripheral areas. The workshop aims to analyze different case studies of political banditry and criminal guerrilla, in order to highlight their commonalities and uniformity, specificities and differences, as well as their absolute relevance for understanding violence in the contemporary age.

Elio Frescani
Alessandro Bonvini