15/01/20-Seminar "I Lincei per la scuola" Orality / writing – reception / production: virtuous circuits of an hour of lesson

language education curriculum: the planning of lesson according to a variety of interactional patterns that bring into play receptive and productive skills of the students, both as occasions for gradual and practical exercises of the different uses of the language as well as moments of validation and evaluation.

The lecture will therefore be divided into two phases: a workshop organized in four working groups to design a lesson based on a variety of verbal interaction and related teaching practices (from the teacher’s explanation to forms of laboratory activities, to strategies and verification tools and evaluation), in which the work groups, composed of primary school teachers, first and second grade teachers, will have different but complementary tasks starting from a written and / or audiovisual text; comparison and discussion of the complementary works of the groups, their revision in an integrated synthesis and theoretical in-depth analysis of questions and themes faced during the experience.