25/10/19-Investigation during the 19th century: historiographical and fictional model


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During the 19th century, investigations become extremely important in several different fields such as social science, criminology, demography and economics. This period is also regarded as the century of history; the Greek meaning of the word “history” (“investigator”, “witness”): the etymology of this term highlights its strong relationship to some genres like reports in newspapers and reviews and testimony in autobiographical literature.

Eléonore Reverzy

Eléonore Reverzy
Eléonore Reverzy is full professor of French Literature at Paris 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle. Her main fields of research are 19th century’s French literature, with a particular focus on the novel, the relationship between literature and politics and the role of literature in social discourses. Among her books we may remember: Mort d’Éros. La mésalliance dans le roman français du second XIXe  siècle, SEDES, 1997; La Chair de l’idée. Poétique de l’allégorie dans Les Rougon-Macquart, Droz 2007 ; Portrait de l’artiste en fille de joie. La Littérature publique, CNRS, 2016.