28/02/2019-Exporting a new genre. Paolo Giovio’s “imprese” in late 16th Century French-Italian Lyon: traslations, adaptations, rewritings

Biblioteca di Lingue
Monica Barsi

The conference will be focused on a corpus of texts published in late 16th Century Lyon, when the editor Guillaume Roville tries to build on the success of the new Italian genre of the “imprese”, known in France via the manuscript of Dialogo dell’imprese militari et amorose that Cosimo Primo de’ Medici was offered as a gift by the author Paolo Giovio. This illustrated manuscript became the main source for a bilingual rewriting (French and Italian) by Gabriele Simeoni (ms Ashburnham 1376). Simeoni was a versatile writer from Florence living in Lyon, who also prepared an edition of the text published by Roville in 1559. Later French and Spanish translations (Philieul; Ulloa) and both the French and Italian Anonymous verse rewritings were based on this version (Le Sententiose imprese; Tetrastiques) and all these works published by Roville were printed with the same engravings attributed to “Le Maître à la capeline”. French and Italian readers ensured the fortune of the new genre that was conceived as a social game in which readers must identify the image and the motto.