Study Programmes

Our Ph.D. in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies (henceforth Dills) is offered by the Department of Humanities (Dipsum), University of Salerno. Thanks to its interdisciplinary nature, Dipsum offers educational paths promoting a high level of collaboration among disciplines in the fields of linguistics, literature and history.

Our Academic Board includes members of the Department of Humanities and other departments at the University of Salerno as well as colleagues from other Italian and foreign universities, with whom we have formed collaborations at both scientific and teaching levels.

Our four study programmes (curricula) aim at providing specific skills and cross-disciplinary research methodologies.

Literary Studies

The study programme in Literary Studies offers specialised and interdisciplinary learning related to European and American literatures, from the medieval to the contemporary era. Special attention is paid to the role of literature within social contexts and relationships with all forms of artistic expressions.

Linguistic Studies

The Linguistic Studies curriculum as a part of the Ph.D. in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies is aimed at those who are interested in synchronic and diachronic linguistic research and its applications.

A Ph.D. in Linguistic Studies represents opportunities within an academic career pathway in research centres but also prepares the candidate for the world of work in various different fields: information technology sectors and handling oral or written linguistic databases; within the public or private administrative and industrial sectors; within the linguistic school and extracurricular education field; in Italian as an L2 activities; in the field of public communication; within the sectors of international relations as well as linguistic integration policies on a European level; within the field of language teaching and cultural intermediation; lexicographical activity within dictionary editorial firms and online linguistic resources companies.

Historical Studies

The Historical Studies curriculum offers the opportunity for study and research into the field of modern and contemporary history and geography.

The main topics covered include political and institutional studies of the modern era, politicisation issues, the study of violence and European and American conflicts in the 19th century, political and intellectual history in the 20th century, the history and representation of national images and the analysis of audio-visual sources and tools.

The programme encourages original and innovative research spanning diverse issues with a view to a European and global vision.

International Studies

The International Studies programme is designed for students from international universities.

The course develops along with the other curricula and enhances innovative research into modern and contemporary history and literature from a comparative or analytical international and global perspective.