Lists and approximation in L1 and L2

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Elisabetta Bonvino
Università Roma Tre

Lists are a cognitive resource for speakers and have a wide range of semantic and pragmatic functions. One of the main objectives of this talk is to further clarify the links between lists and language proficiency. To do so, we focused on lists produced by native and non-native Italian speakers during a lexical search in the context of spontaneous spoken language. The study is based on a corpus of oral productions elicited through a task. As the talk will show, some elements usually considered in the literature as completely disparate can be considered together within the framework of lists. Furthermore, it will show the gradual emergence as construction of a particular subset of lists of lexical searches.

Elisabetta Bonvino is full professor of Educational Linguistics in the Department of Languages, Literature and Culture at the Roma Tre University where she has been working since December 31, 2004.  She then obtained a Phd in Linguistics at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris). She is the Director of the Language Centre of Roma Tre; the Deputy Director of the Department; the Director of the Italian L2 Certification “Cert.IT”; President of the association of language teaching and educational linguistics (DILLE). Her primary areas of interest are Intercomprehension among Romance languages; Syntactic, pragmatic and prosodic analysis of spoken Italian L1 and L2; and the Assessment of language competences.  

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