Postponed to a date to be defined-Interruptions and disfluence in the flow of speech: towards the pathology

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Francesca Dovetto
Università Napoli Federico II

In spontaneous speech, disfluences are a pervasive phenomenon: they can constitute a resource available to the speaker as well as the manifestation of a pathology that alters speech and compromises the transmission of information. Although the classification of the different manifestations of disfluences is not without uncertainties and ambiguities, several examples from different pathologies will be discussed.

Francesca M. Dovetto
Full professor of Historical and General linguistics and member of the board of the Doctorate School in Philology, Dep. of Humanities, University of Naples Federico II. From 2015 to 2019 she was member of the (Italian) National University Council (CUN).
She is coordinator of the Research Center ReTe PraCo (Centro per la Ricerca nel campo della Retorica del Testo e della Pragmatica della Comunicazione) and Director of the Research Unit LISA / Lingua e Salute (del corpo, della persona, della comunità) at the Interdepartmental Research Center LUPT. She is member of the editorial boards of «LIMES. Revista de Estudios Clásicos» (Santiago, Chile) and «Blityri. Studi di storia delle idee sui segni e le lingue» (Roma) and chief editor of the series “Linguistica delle differenze”, Roma, Aracne editrice.

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