Carmine Pinto is Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Salerno. He teaches History of Historiography, Didactics of History and History of the South. He deals with political history, cultural history and military history. He worked on the political systems of the twentieth century, publishing some volumes on the crisis of the parties in Italy during the second half of the 20th century, on the political practices and institutional role of the large mass parties, on the construction of local leadership groups.

He is currently dealing with civil wars and national movements in the 19th century. The most recent lines of research focus on the forms of mobilization and political violence in ancient Mediterranean monarchies and in the Atlantic area. He also studies the crisis of the Bourbon space, the development of state projects, the creation of political communities and the consequent civil wars within a comparative perspective of 19th century nationalism.

His latest book analyzes the revolution and the crisis of unification in the decade of building of the Italian state. It is a scientific research experience focused on civil conflict, social organization and state projects that fragmented the ancient southern kingdom and determined the formation of the Italian nation. He also directed research groups on the forms of politicization of society, on armed mobilization, on the practices of rural insurrection and military counterinsurgency.

He has taught in many European and Latin American universities, is a member of many editorial boards of italian and international journals and of numerous scientific committees. He is the national coordinator of the PRIN research project “Il brigantaggio rivisitato” and responsible for many international research projects. At the University of Salerno, he directs the Research Center on Conflicts in the Contemporary Age (CIRC), he is delegate for the evaluation systems and rankings of the university and director of the editorial series of the University of Salerno. Finally he directs the PhD program in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies of the University of Salerno.