Grazia Basile

Grazia Basile is Full Professor of Philosophy of Language (SSD M-FIL / 05 – SC 11 / C4 Aesthetics and Philosophy of Languages) at the University of Salerno (Department of Humanities), where she teaches Semiotics, General Linguistics, Applied Linguistics.
Her research interests focus on issues of the history of linguistic ideas, lexical semantics, pragmatics, vocabulary acquisition, lexicology and language education. On these topics he has published numerous essays and monographs. Among his publications the monographs: Sull’enantiosemia. Theory and history of a polysemy problem (1996), Words in the mind. Semantic relations and lexicon structure (2001), Linguistic skills for university access (2006, with A. R. Guerriero and S. Lubello), General linguistics (2010, with F. Casadei, L. Lorenzetti, G. Schirru, A.M. Thornton), The Conquest of Words. For a natural history of the denomination (2012), Language skills for university access. NUOVA EDIZIONE (revised and expanded) (2012, with A. R. Guerriero and S. Lubello), Perdere le parole. Language disorders between aphasia and schizophrenia (2014).


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