Inmaculada Concepcion Solìs Garcìa

Inmaculada Solís García is Full Professor in Spanish Language at the University of Florence. I graduated in Humanities at the University of Oviedo (Spain). Shortly after that, I moved to Italy to work as a Spanish teacher for a secondary school, as well as a Spanish Language Teaching Assistant at the University of L’Aquila (1996-2001), where I acquired a long didactic experience. I have worked as a teacher trainer for the Italian Ministry of Education (Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione). At present I act as a consultant for the Abruzzo Regional Scholastic Office for the enhancement and enrichment of foreign language teaching/learning at all school levels.

The focus of my research activity is Spanish Linguistics and Didactics of Spanish as a Foreign Language. In the field of Linguistics I have published studies on nominal reference and, in particular, on the role of the speaker in the setting-up of nominal phrases and on the thematisation and negotiation of information through the use of articles. In addition, I am currently carrying out studies on contrastive pragmatics and I am taking part in the Pra.Ti.D. project (Pragmatica di testi italiani dialogici), directed by Dr Renata Savy (Professor in Linguistics at the University of Salerno). This project explores the communicative style in Map Task dialogues and is based on a comparison among the most-widely spoken European languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese). As regards the field of Spanish Foreign Language Didactics, my interests include a wide range of topics.

I am particularly interested in the awareness of the learning process (material analysis, the role of metalinguistic awareness in language learning, interlanguage analysis), as well as in the study of the development of grammatical skills (use of the future and the periphrasis ir a + infinitive) and textual skills (studies on narration) in the interlanguage of Italian-speaking students. I have been a committee member of the Ph.D programme in Linguistics and Literary Studies at the University of Salerno since 2008.