Inmaculada Concepcion Solìs Garcìa

I am an Associate Professor of Spanish Language and Translation at the University of Florence (Italy). The focus of my research activity is Spanish Linguistics and Cross-culture pragmatics. In the field of Linguistics I have published studies on nominal reference and evidential discourse markers like claro, por supuesto, en efecto, efectivamente and vale (Por supuesto et alii… Tomas de posición en la afirmación, Pisanti, Napoli 2012). My interest in multilingualism has extended to studies on contrastive pragmatics. I have participed in the Pra.Ti.D. nelle lingue europee project. This multilingual project is focused on the analysis of the communicative style in Map Task dialogues and is based on a comparison among the most-widely Spoken European languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portughese).

I am a member of the research group DisCO (Discours et Cognition) (

In the field of acquisitional linguistics of L2 Spanish, I have been a member of the research project (Plan Nacional de I+D+i) Estructura informativa y marcación discursiva en la didáctica de la interacción oral en italiano y español LE, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education. The corpus gathered helped us to develop contrastive studies and to provide the input for the design of a didactic tool, based in interactions extracted from the native speakers corpus and ordered according to situations and levels of language competence, which allowed us to observe the adequate use of discourse markers and word order alterations in the utterance to achieve informative effects.