John Thornton

John Thornton is full professor of Roman history at the Department of Ancient Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome. He is an ordinary member of the National Institute of Roman Studies and co-chair of the editorial committee of “Mediterraneo Antico”. His scientific activity was mainly addressed in two directions: 1) history and historiography of the Hellenistic-Roman age, with particular reference to the Roman conquest of the Hellenistic world and, on the historiographical side, to Polybius, Filarco, Strabone, Pausania, Pompeo Trogo / Giustino and Appiano; 2) political, administrative, social and cultural history of Greece and Asia Minor, from Hellenism to the early imperial age. Among his publications, the recent monograph Polibio. The politician and the historian, Carocci, Rome, 2020.

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