Marcela Magallanes


Marcela Magallanes graduated as a Professional in International Relations and Political Studies from the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada (Colombia) and graduated as a Master in International Affairs from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. She has deepened issues of national security and transnational organized crime. His latest publications are “Policies to Combat Armed Groups Post-Demobilization in the Governments of Alvaro Uribe Velez and Juan Manuel Santos” (2018) and “Violence After Peace: Post-Conflict Scenarios in Central America” (2014). He is currently a PhD student in Literary, Linguistic and Historical Studies at the University of Salerno.

Research Project

Carmine Pinto
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Title: Irregular Migration: Impact on National Security and Defense Policy in South America (1990-2020)

The research project aims to deepen one of the problems discussed in the public sector worldwide, specifically in the National Security and Defense (SDN) sector: the treatment of irregular mass migration as an SDN issue. In this line, we propose the historical-evolutionary study of the transformation of the SDN policy in South America from the 1990s to 2020, with a focus on Venezuelan migration in recent years, taking as a basis the social, political and economic dynamics as a context to identify the factors that impact SDN policies.