I am a Full Professor of General Linguistics at the Department of Humanities, where I coordinate the activities of the P.A.R.O.L.E. Laboratory on the Analysis of European Languages (https://www.dipsum.unisa.it/dipartimento/strutture?id=75).
My main research interests are spoken communication, multimodality, the relationship between syntax and prosody, semantics and pragmatics, and language education.
My work has focused on the relevance of speech properties for linguistic theories and in most cases I have adopted a corpus-based approach. In addition, I have over the years produced various resources for the study of speech, which can be consulted on the portal www.parlaritaliano.it.
I am member of scientific committees of Linguistics journals and have directed and participated in numerous research projects on speech and language education.
I collaborate with numerous Italian and European scholars, as can be seen from the various invited lectures at various universities, including Paris, Madrid, Valencia, Tübingen, Warsaw, Cambridge, Helsinki, and the research networks of which I am coordinator or a member.

For a more detailed CV, please consult my homepage

Full CV – link – https://docenti.unisa.it/004232/curriculum

Some of my publications are available at https://unisa-it.academia.edu/MiriamVoghera

e-mail: voghera@unisa.it