Oreste Floquet

Oreste Floquet is a full professor of French language and civilization at La Sapienza University in Rome.

After training in Romance Philology and Linguistics (M.A. and Ph.D.), experience as a full professor of Italian, History and Geography and years of vacation (disciplines: General Linguistics and Romance Linguistics), in 2010 I became a research associate (ricercatore) and then a professor at Sapienza, Università di Roma. I coordinate the French linguistics section. The main focus of my research is the phonetics and phonology of French, although my training has also led me to be interested in other areas of linguistics (notably quantitative sociolinguistics, grammatical semantics and syntax), philology (the editing of medieval texts) and medieval musicology. My other research interests include the gerund (analyzed from a statistical, semantic, and contrastive point of view), the interpretation of argumentative structure in adolescents, language insecurity in Africa, the relationship between music and metre in the Middle Ages, and theoretical problems in text editing (especially the problem of adiaphoric variants)